Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Pretty Princess' First Birthday!!!

Ok, I am now starting to get with the technological program. I have updated my Facebook and now I have begun a blog for my family!!! Are you proud of me? This way everyone can keep up with me and my family and I don't get in trouble any more for not keeping someone informed. So here is my very first blog:

We celebrated the Pretty Princess' first birthday on Saturday... yeah!!!!! This is such a milestone in so many ways. Not only did she turn one and we made it through her very first year (which was very debatable at times!!), but she was able to eat cake and not just any cake, real cake, with real butter and real milk!! Anyone who has been around for the last year knows just what a tremendous celebration this really is!

For several months I have been on a milk free, soy free diet because I was breastfeeding her. As she became older and started eating real food we had to put her on a special diet with no meats, no grains, no milk or soy (let me tell you what!! Talk about the near impossible!!). That meant only fresh veggies, no crackers or any other snack foods that you typically give babies when they are teething. Nothing, nada, zilch! It was a major struggle trying to find things that she could eat. But after many months and a hard difficult road, we have finally made it to the end!! We found our pot of gold!! Our Pretty Princess can eat anything she wants now!! She has made the wonderful discovery of macaroni and cheese, pizza, ice cream and now cake!! Yum Yum!! This Mama's world is now complete and my greatest wish has been granted!! I am a FIRM believer in prayer!! After this year the accomplishments that my family has made can only be credited to God and the amount of time that I have spent on my knees humbly before Him!! I give Him all the credit for the miracle that I claim as my beautiful, Pretty Princess!! My baby girl is going to be able to live a normal life and enjoy all the special treats that it includes!!

Ok, I'm off my soap box for now, back to the party! Everything was pink!! I will admit, I may have gone just a tad over board, but who could resist?!? This was suppose to be a party worthy of a Pretty Princess!!
She even had a special outfit that her Aunt B bought her and I finally (after much searching!) found some hair clips that will stay in her baby fine hair! Is she not adorable?!

She ABSOLUTELY LOVED her cake!! B was able to find a lady to make the cake into a chipmunk because that is one of Natalee's many nicknames, Baby Chipmunk and the only name that Thomas calls her :). Is that not just one of the cutest cakes you have ever seen?!?

I set her cake in front of her (we had to strip first, Mommy's been there and done that and didn't want to have to spend the next eternity getting pink and purple icing out of her clothes!!). At first she just daintily picked at it (she's such a girlie girl!) but once I showed her the wonder that is cake, she dove right in! At one point she even laid down on it like it was a pillow!!! It was as if she were saying "Where have you been all my life!!". By the time she was done, she was covered head to toe in pink and purple!! She had it in her hair, behind her ears, on her eyelashes and it looked like she was wearing purple eyeshadow! She had it so far up her nose that she was sneezing purple bugers for the rest of the day!!!

She was such a mess!! We had to hose her down in the kitchen sink because I wasn't sure that all that cake and icing would make it down the bathtub drain! LOL!! It was so wonderful!!

After the cake fiasco she opened presents. Never have I seen so much frilly cute pink outfits in my life! I'm telling you, my daughter is going to be decked out this summer in the fashion world's finest! Poor Tommy Two Shoes didn't understand why it was that he didn't have any presents though! Or why it had to be all about Natty and not him.... poor Two shoes!! It's a rough life not being the baby!!

During present opening time we got a GREAT dancing show! Natty Grace received this dancing lion that sings Jungle Boogie and every time you press his paw he starts dancing and singing. Well Natty was shakin' it right along with him!! She had us rolling!!!

I think a good time was had by all!! The Pretty Princess had a party worthy of her status and enough clothes and shoes to make any girl happy!! Until next time.......