Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great weekend with the kids! We spent almost the entire weekend outside with them playing catch with the baseball and playing kick-ball.
I have to say that Scott and I got so much entertainment from watching Thomas playing with us! He would play on mine and Scott's team for kick ball and it was hilarious to watch him. Everytime he kick the ball he would go into panic mode as to which way to run! There was absolutely NO method to his madness!! One time he would run to first, the next time to third and the next to wherever Scott or I were! We tried to convey the concept of the game and finally had to just give up and let him do his own thing! So he would kick the ball and then it would be a toss up as to which base he ran to! I will say though, that is one base-stealing little sneak! Every opportunity that he had, he would run to a base! He stole more bases then the professionals!

Natalee was adorable! At one point she's over by the horses squealing and calling to them to try and get them to come over and play with her! She LOVES those Neighs!

Once Tommy had enough of kickball he decided to join Natty at the picnic table and they blew bubbles together. Tommy being the "older brother" had to go over the fundamentals of how you blow bubbles and what is acceptable and not acceptable. He went over it over and over and over and over..... The problem was not that Natty wasn't getting it, the problem was, she didn't really care! She just wanted to play with the soapy water.

At one point Natalee was doing a dance on the table!! Too cute!

Natty Grace entertaining herself.

Tommy trying so desperately to teach his sister how to blow bubbles!

Natty trying so desperately to dump the bubbles!
I will say this, after spending a weekend outside and running around all day, Scott and I both learned two very valuable lessons. The first being: We are not as young as we think we are. The second being: We are SOOOOO out of shape!!
He and I were both so sore by Sunday that we couldn't move! We decided that what better way to treat the symptons then a little "more of the hair of the dog that bit you". Not really sure that was such a wise decision now.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Taylor Dale Wagner

I just wanted to let everyone know that our TAYLOR DALE WAGNER after many years of hard work, blood and sweat, is finally graduating highschool!! We got the call this morning, he did pass the TAKS test so he will be walking across the stage with all the other graduates next Friday!!! Scott and I are so very, very proud of him!!! We will admit that there were days that we didn't know if he would make it, both physically AND academically, but he proved us all wrong and I'm so glad he did!!

We love you Tator Tot and are SO EXTREMELY proud of you!! I can't tell you how much this means to both Dad and I!!! We know personally what an accomplishment this is for you and how much this means to you and how difficult it was for you to stick with it. We just want you to know that we love you very, very much and are so very proud of you!!!

GO TAYLOR!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!

Taylor and his girlfriend Destiny at our house Sunday

They make such a cute couple!!

Natalee Grace

I just want everyone to know that I have the cutest, most adorable, most beautiful Baby Girl ever born!! I just wanted to share a couple of pics with you..... Is she not just the most perfect Angel??

Getting her to not only hold still so you can fix her hair, but trying to convince her to leave it in and alone is like trying to get blood from a turnip!! Never gonna happen!! But I keep trying!

She LOVES admiring herself in the mirror!!

Sliding with Mommy at the park

Bath time is her FAVORITE!!! I have never known a child to be so drawn to water like this little girl!! Any time there is water around, you better believe she is headed straight for it!!

Tommy Two Shoes and Manners

Oh the joys of toddler-hood!!

Some of our greatest laughs come from the mouths of babes. I just wanted to share a few of the more recent ones from our very own Tommy Two Shoes!!

I should first let you know that we are working very hard with Thomas on learning manners and showing respect to elders. We try to be as consistant as possible in reminding him to use ma'am and sir in response to an adult and always saying "please, thank you, your welcome, etc." It has become second nature to most of us and we will remind him without evening thinking about it.
I guess after awhile he picks up on that and starts to learn the lesson...... however, sometimes the lesson is not always learned the way you intend to teach it and you get instances like the following:

The other evening we were all sitting around the dinner table eating dinner. Timothy got up to get him some more to drink and while he was up fixing his drink Thomas asked Bubba if he would get him some more apple juice. Here is how the conversation went:

Thomas: "Bubba, would you get me some more apple juice?"
Timothy: "what do you say?"
Thomas: "Please and thank you!"
Timothy: "Ok"
Thomas: "NOOooo Bubba!!!! You say, 'yes sir!!!!'"
Timothy: "I don't have to say yes sir to you"
Thomas: "Yes you do! You have to say yes sir when you answer!"
Timothy: "Bubba's not going to say yes sir"
Thomas: "You can't fix my apple juice then until you say yes sir!!"

At that point we all died laughing!! Poor Thomas though did not understand and continued to be infatic that Bubba respond to him with "yes sir". I tried to explain the difference to Thomas between adults and kids and he just didn't get it. By the end of the conversation that child was thoroughly confused!

Another instance of not quite comprehending the proper use of manners:

When Daddy tickles the children he has always had "mercy phrases". This means that when the child has finally had enough, they will use this phrase and Daddy will stop tickling them. It never ceases to amazes me as to how much the children will take before they will finally use the 'mercy phrase'. If it were me, I would be using it before the tickling even began!!
So one night Scott, Thomas and myself were wrestling/playing on our bed. Scott and I would take turns on one holding Thomas while the other tickled him. Thomas refused to use his mercy phase and just laughed and laughed and laughed. Scott and I were enjoying this tickle fest until Thomas put a whole nother spin on it. Tommy's 'mercy phrase' is "I give up", well Tommy kept saying over and over again between bouts of laughter to Scott, "Stop Daddy, stop!!!" and Scott continued his merciless torture and kept asking Tommy, "What do you say? What do you say?". Finally, with all the strength Tommy could muster, he belted out, "NO THANKS PLEASE SIR, NO THANKS PLEASE SIR!!" He kept saying that phrase over and over again and Scott and I just lost it! I guess Tommy thought that he wasn't asking Daddy properly to stop so he was going to use every key word that Mommy had taught him when it came to manners!

I know that we are living in a high-tech society, but it's not until your children point it out, that you really realize just how high-tech you're living.

The other night I was getting Tommy ready for bed and he was in my room and I had walked out to go get something. When I came back in, I asked him what he was doing because he was crouched in the corner and I could tell that he had one of the cell phones. The conversation went like this:
Mommy: "Tommy, what are you doing?"
Tommy: "I'm texting my best friend."
Mommy: "No, you don't text, give me the phone"
Tommy: "But Mommy, I have to text Gabe this really cool game so that we can play it tomorrow!"
Mommy: "No, you're not suppose to be texting and you know that. Besides, it's time for bed"
Tommy: "O tay.... Let me text him that I have to go to bed and I will see him in the morning."
Mommy: "No, just give me the phone"
Tommy: "But if I don't tell him goodnight then he will keep texting me and you will get mad because the phone will keep beeping!"

I'm telling you, this boy is too smart for his own good!! And he has been listening to WAY too many conversations between his older siblings and Scott and I! I'm not sure if I should be proud that my three year old knows what AND how to text (he can't spell yet so it's just letters, but he knows where to go on the phone to send a text!) or if I should be embarrassed! Either way, I can already tell we'll have our hands full!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

New Orleans Easter Trip

We went to New Orleans again for Easter this year... It looks like it's starting to become a tradition! This time Daddy and the older kids got to go too! Here are some highlights from our trip....

We didn't get to leave until almost five on Friday evening because we had to wait for Scott to get off work. But once he got off work, we were packed and ready to go! It was a long trip, but I was really surprised at how well the Babies did. We got into New Orleans around 1:00 a.m. and it was almost 2:00 a.m. by the time we got to the Seminary and unloaded the car. After all that excitement, Natty was awake and ready to play! So Mommy and Nat stayed up until almost 4:00 playing this fun new game Natty discovered. It's called, "let's see how many things I can get into and how fast I can do it before mom stops me."
She loved it. I did not. She was great at it. I was not.

Needless to say, Wildwood East was completely re-decorated by the time Natalee left! We got up the next morning and headed over to Aunt Rhonda's and Uncle Chuck's. Aunt Kathy and Aunt Rhonda were there to greet us and hand out Mardi Gras beads. Natty was all about that!

The family on Aunt Rhonda's front porch at the Seminary about to head out to the French Quarter. We had a full day of shopping, eating and watching all the different shows!

Tommy petting a python.....

Tommy trying to get Natty to look at the horses!

Natty just chillin' at the FQ! Such a rough life!

Bubba and Natty Grace hit Bourbon street a little too early in the day!!

Natty started dancin' in her chair! Scott and I both think that she needs to go to sippy cups anonymous!

Getting ready to watch the street dancers perform, Natty was getting ready to nap! It was so past naptime at this point!

Natalee lasted about as long as she could (which wasn't long after the music started!) But you know, if she and Bubba didn't have to go to Bourbon street earlier in the day, she probably would've made it longer!! This should be a lesson to her! :)

Tommy soon joined his sister in dreamland! Sweet Angels!!

That night we went to Aunt Rhonda's and had a real Cajun feast with shrimp, crab, crawdads, onion rings, french fries, corn and potatoes!! By the time we finished we all needed wheelbarrows and pants with elastic waists!!

Tommy loved the crawdads!

Of course, being miserable wasn't enough... having to let out your belt still wasn't enough... we had to make it nearly impossible to walk but topping off the night with beignets from Morning Call!!

The kids got hats and the rest of us got miserable!! It was shear pain to eat those beignets, but they were sooo good!!!

The next day we went to church with Mamaw and then ate another feast at Lambeth House.

The whole family with Mamaw

Sisters! (and the Princess!)
Daddy dancing with his Princess while we waited for the food to be ready

While we waited for lunch, we took the Babies out to the courtyard and let them hunt Easter eggs. They LOVED it!!
Soon after lunch we went back to the Seminary, loaded up the car and headed home. It was a whirl-wind trip but a great time was had by all!! We really enjoyed getting to see family and spending a little bit of time with Mamaw. Hopefully we can spend more time with her again before the summer's over!! Love to all and great thanks to the bests Hosts!!!
Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Chuck - The best Hosts/Hostess in NOLA!!! Thank you for such a memorable weekend!! We love and miss you!!

The Woes of Being a Wagner!

As some of you may already know... it is pretty rough being a Wagner... Poor Tommy has found this out the hard way. By age one, he had already broken his elbow, received a black eye, bloody nose, massive hematoma, not only on the side of his head, but also above his eye, spent several days in the hospital, made numerous trips to the Doctor and became quite familiar with the local ER. I'm not sure if this is all due to the fact of being a Wagner or having a klutz for a mother (meaning he received my coordination genes) or all of the above.... but the end result is still the same... It's really hard being a Wagner!!

Our latest adventure was when he broke his elbow (yes, that would make it twice, but the best part is that it was the same elbow, in the same place... I guess he figured it was already screwed up so why mess with the perfectly good one, right?) jumping on a trampoline. But he wasn't even jumping. He was yelling at me to come watch him, when his best friend jumped or bumped or both and poor Tommy went flying like a rocket!!

We went to the ER and they put a temporary cast on for a week. The best part of the whole ordeal, or at least according to Tommy Two Shoes, was he walked away with a spider-man sling!! He was so proud of that thing! He was showing it off to everyone!

But I have to say, my little Two Shoes surprised me.... even though he has one armed bound and in a sling and it weighs a TON, it still didn't slow him down any! He learned to get along just fine with it..... even tickling his baby sister!

He could still build sand castles for the bugs.....

And even with the new and improved "Super-man" cast, he could still try and teach Natty how to play spider-man. I guess he figures if he keeps trying, eventually she will catch on... I hope so little Buddy!!

One of the many funny moments that we had with him over his cast was when we tried to sign it. I thought that getting different super-man and spider-man stickers and markers so that we could decorate his cast would help to make the experience more fun. Oh no!! Mommy couldn't have been more wrong!! Two Shoes about came UNGLUED when I even suggested it! He told me, "but Mommy, this is a Super-man cast!!! We can't mess up a Super-man cast!!! I won't get another one!!" I just pray that he's right!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Workin' boys and girls!

I know it's been a long time since I posted last. I will try to do a better job from now on! I have so much to catch up on, so hang on tight, it's gonna be a fast ride!

I just wanted to show that we are a family that believes in not only working together, but child labor at it's best! We are finishing out the fence that surrounds our property and here are a few shots.

Tommy and Natty catching a ride on the John Deere with Dad.

They may be young, but we still put them to work!

Tommy is showing Natty how you steer. Look out world!

Natty decided that she had enough lessons and wants to try for herself!!
Tommy is trying very hard to teach Natalee how each of the gears works but she really just doesn't care (she's such a girl!). This is very upsetting to Thomas. He has worked very hard and had many trips with Uncle Stubbie and Dad on the tractor and doesn't understand why Natty is not as fascinated as he is! Poor Thomas!! But he better go ahead and get used to it! ;)

Tommy Lee still trying and Nat Lee still not caring!

Nat Lee bossing the boys around. Apparently they don't know how to pick up trash properly, or at least to her standards! It's a tough job for a Pretty Princess, but somebody has to be the boss!

Tommy gave up on Natalee and figures he's the only one who can truly appreciate the greatness that is the John Deere!

Natalee hitching a ride with the boys.... worn out from all the bossin'!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Pretty Princess' First Birthday!!!

Ok, I am now starting to get with the technological program. I have updated my Facebook and now I have begun a blog for my family!!! Are you proud of me? This way everyone can keep up with me and my family and I don't get in trouble any more for not keeping someone informed. So here is my very first blog:

We celebrated the Pretty Princess' first birthday on Saturday... yeah!!!!! This is such a milestone in so many ways. Not only did she turn one and we made it through her very first year (which was very debatable at times!!), but she was able to eat cake and not just any cake, real cake, with real butter and real milk!! Anyone who has been around for the last year knows just what a tremendous celebration this really is!

For several months I have been on a milk free, soy free diet because I was breastfeeding her. As she became older and started eating real food we had to put her on a special diet with no meats, no grains, no milk or soy (let me tell you what!! Talk about the near impossible!!). That meant only fresh veggies, no crackers or any other snack foods that you typically give babies when they are teething. Nothing, nada, zilch! It was a major struggle trying to find things that she could eat. But after many months and a hard difficult road, we have finally made it to the end!! We found our pot of gold!! Our Pretty Princess can eat anything she wants now!! She has made the wonderful discovery of macaroni and cheese, pizza, ice cream and now cake!! Yum Yum!! This Mama's world is now complete and my greatest wish has been granted!! I am a FIRM believer in prayer!! After this year the accomplishments that my family has made can only be credited to God and the amount of time that I have spent on my knees humbly before Him!! I give Him all the credit for the miracle that I claim as my beautiful, Pretty Princess!! My baby girl is going to be able to live a normal life and enjoy all the special treats that it includes!!

Ok, I'm off my soap box for now, back to the party! Everything was pink!! I will admit, I may have gone just a tad over board, but who could resist?!? This was suppose to be a party worthy of a Pretty Princess!!
She even had a special outfit that her Aunt B bought her and I finally (after much searching!) found some hair clips that will stay in her baby fine hair! Is she not adorable?!

She ABSOLUTELY LOVED her cake!! B was able to find a lady to make the cake into a chipmunk because that is one of Natalee's many nicknames, Baby Chipmunk and the only name that Thomas calls her :). Is that not just one of the cutest cakes you have ever seen?!?

I set her cake in front of her (we had to strip first, Mommy's been there and done that and didn't want to have to spend the next eternity getting pink and purple icing out of her clothes!!). At first she just daintily picked at it (she's such a girlie girl!) but once I showed her the wonder that is cake, she dove right in! At one point she even laid down on it like it was a pillow!!! It was as if she were saying "Where have you been all my life!!". By the time she was done, she was covered head to toe in pink and purple!! She had it in her hair, behind her ears, on her eyelashes and it looked like she was wearing purple eyeshadow! She had it so far up her nose that she was sneezing purple bugers for the rest of the day!!!

She was such a mess!! We had to hose her down in the kitchen sink because I wasn't sure that all that cake and icing would make it down the bathtub drain! LOL!! It was so wonderful!!

After the cake fiasco she opened presents. Never have I seen so much frilly cute pink outfits in my life! I'm telling you, my daughter is going to be decked out this summer in the fashion world's finest! Poor Tommy Two Shoes didn't understand why it was that he didn't have any presents though! Or why it had to be all about Natty and not him.... poor Two shoes!! It's a rough life not being the baby!!

During present opening time we got a GREAT dancing show! Natty Grace received this dancing lion that sings Jungle Boogie and every time you press his paw he starts dancing and singing. Well Natty was shakin' it right along with him!! She had us rolling!!!

I think a good time was had by all!! The Pretty Princess had a party worthy of her status and enough clothes and shoes to make any girl happy!! Until next time.......