Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a great weekend with the kids! We spent almost the entire weekend outside with them playing catch with the baseball and playing kick-ball.
I have to say that Scott and I got so much entertainment from watching Thomas playing with us! He would play on mine and Scott's team for kick ball and it was hilarious to watch him. Everytime he kick the ball he would go into panic mode as to which way to run! There was absolutely NO method to his madness!! One time he would run to first, the next time to third and the next to wherever Scott or I were! We tried to convey the concept of the game and finally had to just give up and let him do his own thing! So he would kick the ball and then it would be a toss up as to which base he ran to! I will say though, that is one base-stealing little sneak! Every opportunity that he had, he would run to a base! He stole more bases then the professionals!

Natalee was adorable! At one point she's over by the horses squealing and calling to them to try and get them to come over and play with her! She LOVES those Neighs!

Once Tommy had enough of kickball he decided to join Natty at the picnic table and they blew bubbles together. Tommy being the "older brother" had to go over the fundamentals of how you blow bubbles and what is acceptable and not acceptable. He went over it over and over and over and over..... The problem was not that Natty wasn't getting it, the problem was, she didn't really care! She just wanted to play with the soapy water.

At one point Natalee was doing a dance on the table!! Too cute!

Natty Grace entertaining herself.

Tommy trying so desperately to teach his sister how to blow bubbles!

Natty trying so desperately to dump the bubbles!
I will say this, after spending a weekend outside and running around all day, Scott and I both learned two very valuable lessons. The first being: We are not as young as we think we are. The second being: We are SOOOOO out of shape!!
He and I were both so sore by Sunday that we couldn't move! We decided that what better way to treat the symptons then a little "more of the hair of the dog that bit you". Not really sure that was such a wise decision now.

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