Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Taylor Dale Wagner

I just wanted to let everyone know that our TAYLOR DALE WAGNER after many years of hard work, blood and sweat, is finally graduating highschool!! We got the call this morning, he did pass the TAKS test so he will be walking across the stage with all the other graduates next Friday!!! Scott and I are so very, very proud of him!!! We will admit that there were days that we didn't know if he would make it, both physically AND academically, but he proved us all wrong and I'm so glad he did!!

We love you Tator Tot and are SO EXTREMELY proud of you!! I can't tell you how much this means to both Dad and I!!! We know personally what an accomplishment this is for you and how much this means to you and how difficult it was for you to stick with it. We just want you to know that we love you very, very much and are so very proud of you!!!

GO TAYLOR!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!

Taylor and his girlfriend Destiny at our house Sunday

They make such a cute couple!!

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