Friday, March 5, 2010

Playdate with "Gaaaabriel!!"

Sorry that it has been so long since the last time that I've blogged.... Life got even more hectic than normal and then the bottom just fell out. I'm trying to "get back on the wagon" for lack of a better explanation so I will try to stay more current. No promises though!! ;)

Our wonderful baby-sitter, Miss Jenny, has a little boy named Gabriel whom Thomas loves and says is his best friend and Natty ADORES (i.e. is obessed with). Well, Gabe was sweet enough to agree to a play date at our house and the babies had a blast!! We fed the neighs aka horses, played on the tractors and watched Superman aka airplanes fly over our house. It was a very exiciting day and successfully wore EVERYONE out, to include Mommy!! But it was well worth it!! Here are a few pics from our fun day!

Best Friends for life!!

Natty getting some Gabe time.

Natty showing me the remnants of her sucker!

Tommy was telling Gabe that he couldn't go home and that he had to stay at our house forever because if Gabe left, then Tommy would be scared and wouldn't have anyone to play with and he would be VERY sad!! Way too cute!!

I also have to share another story that you may or may not appreciate.... it may be one of those kind of stories that you had to be there but here it goes....

B stayed at our house back in January to watch the babies for us. When she was getting Natty Grace ready for bed, Natty started to get upset because Mommy wasn't there. So B offered for her to call me which Natty Grace jumped all over (she LOVES to talk on the phone!! She's such a girl!!). I answer the phone and B explains the situation to me and then gives the phone to Natty Grace. Here is how the conversation proceeded:

Mommy: "Hi Baby Girl, I love you!! What are you doing?"

Natty: "Mommy?"

Mommy: "Yes??"

Natty: "Gaaaabriel!!"

Mommy: "Gabriel??"

Natty: (giggling in the background)

Mommy: "Whatcha doin' Baby Girl? I love you, I miss you!"

Natty: "Mommy??"

Mommy: "What Baby Girl?"

Natty: "Gaaaabriel!!" (more giggling)

Mommy: "I miss you Baby Girl, but guess what?? Mommy will see you in the morning!!"

Natty: "Mommy??"

Mommy: "Yes Baby?"

Natty: "Gaaaaabriel!!!" (even more giggling)

The conversation continued down this path for the next half hour!!! B told us later that she was laying on the bed, gently holding the phone and caressing it while saying, "Gaaaabriel!!". I have never had a conversation with anyone that consisted of only two words on their part!! At one point I finally sat the phone down and put it on speaker so that I could do other things. She did this for over thirty minutes!! She even had the nurses cracking up as they would come in because they could hear her over the speaker!! So like I said earlier, not only does she LOVE Gabe but she is to the point of being OBSESSED with Gabe!! Poor Gabe!

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  1. I'm thinking Gabe won't mind so much when they get a little older he gets passed the "girls have cooties" stage. :O) Unfortunately us girls rarely go through the "boys have cooties" stage.