Friday, March 5, 2010

New Member of the Family

We now have a new member of the family!!
Through a chain of people we found out about a little puppy that was being abused by his owner. Our hearts went out to him and so we decided to take him in..... He is a little Corgi and is about 10 weeks old from our guestamation. Full grown he should only be about 27 lbs. So it doesn't look like he'll get much bigger than he already is.
He was immediately loved by all!! He is absolutely full of energy and accomplished two things that I didn't think were possible. Not only did he wear Crue out, but he wore Natty Grace out too!!
When Pop brought him in the house the babies immediately started doting on him. They were running through the kitchen with the puppy chasing after them. It was hilarious to watch them! The whole time that Natty was running back and forth the puppy was chasing her nipping at her little diaper butt!! Too cute!!
When then took him outside and he and the babies and Crue played for several hours! They would chase each other, tackle each other and then just wrestle around in the grass. It was like they were all made for each other! The puppy has already decided that not only is Crue his buddy, but Crue is his role model too..... I know, I know... we're in TROUBLE!!! ;)
By the time we stopped for lunch and naps, everyone was DONE! We came in and the puppy snuggled right up with Crue and passed out! He didn't move so much as an inch all through lunch. He didn't even get up until Natty got up from her nap and even then he was reluctant to do so! We then went back outside and played hard again until dinner time. The puppy didn't even have the energy to eat for a while after we came in!! I was afraid I might be up with him all night since it's a new home, but he's been at my feet under the desk for several hours now and hasn't budged.... not so much worried about it now!
After much negotiation, we finally convinced Crue that the puppy was a friend not a foe
Mexican stand-off!!
They played and tumbled so much!! Unfortunately for the puppy neither he nor Crue remembered how small he was!! It was too funny!!

Tommy couldn't handle it anymore, he had to join in on the fun!

LOVE those big ears and big eyes!!
So cute with those stubby legs and big paws!!
Passed out after a day full of fun!!

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