Monday, April 20, 2009

The Woes of Being a Wagner!

As some of you may already know... it is pretty rough being a Wagner... Poor Tommy has found this out the hard way. By age one, he had already broken his elbow, received a black eye, bloody nose, massive hematoma, not only on the side of his head, but also above his eye, spent several days in the hospital, made numerous trips to the Doctor and became quite familiar with the local ER. I'm not sure if this is all due to the fact of being a Wagner or having a klutz for a mother (meaning he received my coordination genes) or all of the above.... but the end result is still the same... It's really hard being a Wagner!!

Our latest adventure was when he broke his elbow (yes, that would make it twice, but the best part is that it was the same elbow, in the same place... I guess he figured it was already screwed up so why mess with the perfectly good one, right?) jumping on a trampoline. But he wasn't even jumping. He was yelling at me to come watch him, when his best friend jumped or bumped or both and poor Tommy went flying like a rocket!!

We went to the ER and they put a temporary cast on for a week. The best part of the whole ordeal, or at least according to Tommy Two Shoes, was he walked away with a spider-man sling!! He was so proud of that thing! He was showing it off to everyone!

But I have to say, my little Two Shoes surprised me.... even though he has one armed bound and in a sling and it weighs a TON, it still didn't slow him down any! He learned to get along just fine with it..... even tickling his baby sister!

He could still build sand castles for the bugs.....

And even with the new and improved "Super-man" cast, he could still try and teach Natty how to play spider-man. I guess he figures if he keeps trying, eventually she will catch on... I hope so little Buddy!!

One of the many funny moments that we had with him over his cast was when we tried to sign it. I thought that getting different super-man and spider-man stickers and markers so that we could decorate his cast would help to make the experience more fun. Oh no!! Mommy couldn't have been more wrong!! Two Shoes about came UNGLUED when I even suggested it! He told me, "but Mommy, this is a Super-man cast!!! We can't mess up a Super-man cast!!! I won't get another one!!" I just pray that he's right!!

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