Monday, April 19, 2010

Tulsa Trip

I know that I'm way behind in my blogging so I'm trying to catch you up on so many events.... please forgive me!! If we're not outside working then I'm inside trying to catch up from all the days spent outside. Also, Scott has doubled up on his school work to try and graduate sooner and so it's difficult to get the computer from him!!

Back in February the babies, Scott and I went and spent a week up in Owasso (outside of Tulsa) with my older sister Angie and her kids. We really had a great time! It had just snowed the weekend before we left and so there was still plenty for us to play in. We didn't get in until really late at night so the next morning the babies and I bundled up and went out and played in the snow. Thomas had a blast! He made his first snow angel and he and I had a snowball fight. It started to snow again and Thomas ran around trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue. He loved the fact that he was leaving tracks in the snow and wanted to play "tracker" where Natty Grace and I walked through the yard and he tracked us down.

Natty had gotten sick the day we were suppose to leave but seemed to be doing better when she woke up from her nap. We decided to go ahead and go to Owasso. She threw up on the way up there and just really felt crappy the whole way. The next day we tried to get her interested in the snow but all she wanted to do was suck on icicles. She and Tommy both thought that was really cool!

Thomas catching snowflakes on his tongue

Snow Princess!

Mommy and Babies taking a break from playing in the snow

Natty had enough of the snow, she was ready to just go inside and snuggle with Mommy. Poor Baby Girl just didn't feel good at all!! :(

It took Princess a good three days before she finally felt even half-way decent. Poor thing just kept running a fever and kept throwing up.... We spent the first few days in Owasso seeing the four walls of Angie's house! But thankfully, by mid-week Natty Grace perked up and really started to be herself again. We even were able to go to the zoo in Tulsa on our last full day there.

I was able to see one of the sweetest displays of brotherly affection that week! Since Natty Grace was feeling so terrible, she spent most of her time either in Mommy's bed or on the couch. On Tuesday, I was cooking breakfast and Thomas came in the kitchen and told me, "Mommy, Chipmunk doesn't feel good and she really needs me. Can you cook breakfast without me?" I told him sure, not a problem and asked him what he was going to do. His response (priceless!!!), "I'm going to give her kisses and love and make her feel better like you do me." He then turned around and walked off. I finished cooking breakfast and went to go check on them since they had been so quiet for a while. This is what I found.....

Tommy stayed in bed with Natty for almost half the day just reading books to her!! What an amazing big brother!! He has such big and pure heart!! I know he's going to do something amazing one day!! He's definitely my little LoveBug!

Later in the week Katie wasn't feeling good either and stayed home from school with us. She and Thomas hung out on the couch being little couch potatoes!

Every morning before school Marty would come in our room and watch cartoons with Thomas before he had to go school. We had stayed up pretty late one night and the next morning, as usual, Marty showed up to watch cartoons. However, poor Tommy just couldn't keep his eyes open! So he just gave up and snuggled up next to Marty to catch a few more Zzzz's!

Either my sister and I are really smart and brave, or really stupid.... I haven't figured out which! She had promised the babies that we could go to the zoo while they were there. But because of Natty being so sick and then the weather not cooperating, we kept putting it off. We finally got to our last full day there and still had not gone. It was suppose to be cold and drizzly all day and we were trying to figure out if we should still go. We watched the weather and it said that it was suppose to clear up by noon or so (little did I realize that the weather in Tulsa was as predictable as the weather in Texas!). We decided we would go ahead and chance it. We got there and there was no one else there except the staff!! We finally saw a man and his daughter but no one else showed up. I have to say that I have never been to the zoo when there were mounds of snow EVERYWHERE!! It was cold and wet, the temperature never got out of the 40's and the drizzle misty rain never once stopped. But we had a blast!! We bundled the babies up, rented them a wagon so that we could put blankets on them to keep them warm and we trekked onward! It was really pretty cool being the only idiots willing to go to the zoo in 40 degree weather and misty rain. We didn't have any one to compete with for anything! The unfortunate thing though was that there were several of the animals that were put up due to the temperature.... the most hilarious one was that the penguins, seals and polar bear were put up "due to frigid temperatures"... at least according to the sign... still trying to figure out how they survive in the North Pole if the 40's are considered to "frigid" for them....???
Thomas reading the map and telling us where we go next.

Little sitting area in the park. Notice the snow in the background? We were able to get away with climbing on the rocks for the picture because even the staff were smart enough not to be outside!

Tommy posing with the jeweled penguin
I will say that it was a really neat little zoo. The babies really did have a great time seeing all the different animals. We're hoping to go back once it's warmer and hopefully all the North Pole animals will be out!! But knowing our luck, all the African animals will probably be put up because it's too hot for them!! :)

Natty decided that she wanted to take over the driving.... it was a good thing no one else was there because she thought it was bumper cars!

Gigi and the babies looking at the flamingos (notice it was too cold for the penguins, but not for flamingos... go figure!!)

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